The Mnemonic Landscape @ Gallery Jones




Gallery Jones is pleased to present The Mnemonic Landscape, a solo exhibition of new works by James Nizam. The exhibition continues Nizam’s exploration of the relationship between photography and sculpture, and their capacity (alone and in conjunction) to comment on the vagaries of the “expanded” artifact. Weaving together photo-sculptural works through a spatial tableau, The Mnemonic Landscape considers the architectural fragment as a framework on which to suspend memory. Focused on the threshold where memory meets its vanishing point, the works waver at the instant of the ephemeral. In the slippage between states of illumination and erasure, The Mnemonic Landscape considers the precipitation and dissolution of the trace as it comes into and out of visibility.
Gallery Jones
1725 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
T: 604 714 2216

The Poetics of Space @ Vancouver Art Gallery


The Poetics of Space
Vancouver Art Gallery
Jan 31 to May 24, 2015
The Poetics of Space features both historical and contemporary works that investigate the idea of space, whether they are conceptually, analytically or emotionally founded. This exhibition takes its title from Gaston Bachelard’s 1958 book of the same name that presents a psychic interpretation of “home,” and one’s prototypical experiences of personal space; in the book Bachelard discusses the way our perceptions of shelter begin to delineate the very essence of how we think and imagine. Using this text as a starting point, the exhibition explores the symbolic meaning of spaces as tied to ideas of perception, memory, intimacy and experience. Inspired by Cézanne’s analytic approach to depicting space (on view in a concurrent exhibition at the Gallery in Cézanne and the Modern), the first section of the exhibition, “Fracturing of Form,” examines the ways artists have historically contended with conveying pictorial problems of depth on a two dimensional plane. The following area, “Psychic Weight,” focuses on the intimacy of inhabited structures or other familiar locations to reveal how they are laden with emotional intensity and symbolic meaning. A third section features works in which artists have conceptualized a site in non-traditional ways, mapping it according to their own purposes or acknowledging its layered socio-cultural histories. Ultimately, the exhibition reveals the expansive and subjective ways in which artists have grappled with depicting and defining space over time.
The works included in The Poetics of Space are part of the Gallery’s permanent collection, including several being exhibited for the first time, as well as strategic loans that create a dialogue with works already in the Gallery’s holdings.
Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Daina Augaitis, Chief Curator/Associate Director, with assistant curator Emmy Lee Wall.

Visionary Partner for Permanent Collection Exhibitions:
Michael O’Brian Family Foundation


Recent Commission



Feature Art Fair w/ Birch Contemporary


Birch Contemporary
Booth 115

Espace Magazine / Cover & Interview


Rethinking Sculpture
Issue #108
Metaphorical Spaces: An Interview with James Nizam
By: Peter Dube






Exhibition Views / Die Ausstellung — KIT, Dusseldorf


Icosahedron, 2014

Icosahedron, 2014
Archival Pigment Print on Fibre Paper
Installation View

Thought Form (Icosahedron), 2014
Sculptural Installation with 12 Mirrors

Sequential Alignments for an Icosahedral Thought Form, 2014
Archival Pigment Print on Fibre Paper
Installation View

Sequential Alignments for an Icosahedral Thought Form (Detail), 2014

Die Ausstellung @ KIT, Dusseldorf


Die Ausstellung (The Exhibition)
August 23–September 20, 2014

Opening: September 20, 7pm

KIT – Düsseldorf
Mannesmannufer 1b
40213 Düsseldorf
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday and holidays 11am–6pm

Die Ausstellung is scheduled to take place at KIT in Düsseldorf over a period of four weeks. During this time, the space will be continuously transformed, works will be set up, dismantled and documented. On the face of it, Die Ausstellung is a group show. It compiles diverse artworks that use the medium of photography as their starting point and evince a similar interest in processes involved in the creation of realities and of reproduction. All the stages involved in the exhibition—from preproduction and on-site production, advertising in posters, promotional texts and via social media platforms with their broad reach and mass usage, all the way to the temporarily installed works themselves—constitute the factors that ultimately come together to create the show itself.

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Die Ausstellung shows 19 international artists. With Bastian Hoffmann (Munster), Peter Hermans (Leipzig), Balz Isler (Berlin), James Nizam (Vancouver), Jan Hoeft (Cologne), Stéphanie Solinas (Paris), Verena Seibt & Clea Stracke (Munich), Mia Boysen (Cologne), Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs (Zurich), Ian De Ruiter (Amsterdam), Paul Bailey (London), Peter Miller (Paris), Daniel Niggemann (Hamburg), Rhein Verlag (Dusseldorf), Arne Schmitt (Leipzig), Johannes Post (Hamburg), Mark Von Schlegell (Cologne/Los Angeles), Fleur Van Dodewaard (Rotterdam), and Bernhard Cella (Vienna).

Papier14 with Birch Contemporary


Papier 14 Contemporary Art Fair
April 24th – 27th, 2014
At the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, on the Esplanade Clark
corner of St-Catherine West and Clark Street, Montreal
Birch Contemporary
Booth 102

See Canadian Art’s picks from the Papier Preview


Home Sweet Home Exhibition at Dazibao, Montreal


Exhibition Dates: March 28th to May 17th
Opening Reception: March 28th at 7.30pm

5455 Avenue de Gaspe
Rez-de-Chaussee – Espace 109
Montreal, Quebec


HOME SWEET HOME: À propos de l’inquiétude

The home as physical space. The home as psychic space. The home as serene symbol of the fold, the place of belonging, privacy, the familiar, memory and the sweetness of being. The home as the space of isolation, suffocation and hostility, the place where malaise and what is disturbed resonate. The home, a symbol of both equilibrium and its opposite, the pressure point where everything can tip over.
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SCOPE New York with Birch Contemporary


Birch Contemporary
Booth E02

SCOPE New York
312 West 33rd Street
New York, 10001


Art 14 London with Christophe Guye Galerie


Christophe Guye Galerie
Booth LF8

Featured in Scalpel Edition 4.2


Published by: Amsterdam Worldwide | Pernod Ricard Holding
Edition of 600

“Welcome to Scalpel. In each issue, we ask nine surgeons – the world’s foremost experts in photography, film, art, technology, music, fashion, design and retail – to name the five hottest emerging talents in their field.”

Breaking Light @ Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich



Exhibition Dates: October 24th to November 30th, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday October 24th, 6-8pm
Dufourstrasse 31
8008 Zurich, Switzerland
I know of a greek labyrinth which is a single straight line.
- Jorge Luis Borges
James Nizam opens his first European exhibition, this fall, with an appropriately introductory selection of work; but also one indicative of a practice’s advancement through a kind of return. Culling from his last body of photographic images, “Curious Perspectives,” Nizam reveals a new series to run alongside it, producing an important contrast that reads like a conversation’s extension, or even completion, regarding the intrinsic qualities of his chosen medium.

Nizam employs the eye — and as an extension of this, the aperture — as his pivot point. Whether exploring the optics, breaking points, and possible patterning that extends outwards from its foundation; or reflecting on the artful possibilities that lie within its mechanism, Nizam returns us to an essentialist conversation on the still-evolving photographic form.
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Trace Heavens Exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre





September 12th to November 16th

Yukon Arts Centre
300 College Dr.
Whitehorse, Yukon
I was invited to exhibit Trace Heavens at the Yukon Arts Centre over these past couple months. Details of new works in the show included below:


Umbra, 2013
House fragment in zero reflectance black

Wrought Iron Railing with Scotchlite, 2013
Archival Pigment Print on Fibre Paper
36×30 inches

Curious Perspectives | Exhibition Views






Curious Perspectives | Exhibition Works


Four Circles, 2013

Two Triangles, 2013

Sundial, 2013

Shard of Light, 2011

Pyramid, 2013

Thought Form (Fan), 2011

Cube Deconstruction, 2013

Skylight, 2013

Curious Perspectives, June 13th, Birch Libralato


Curious Perspectives

June 13th-July 20th, 2013
Opening Reception: June 13th, 5-8pm

Birch Libralato
129 Tecumseth Street
Toronto Canada M6J 2H2
Curious Perspectives, James Nizam’s third solo exhibition at Birch Libralato, opens with a title aptly borrowed from French mathematician Jean François Niceron’s 1638 treatise on the practical applications of perspective. As in La Perspective Curieuse, Nizam’s work demonstrates an affinity for natural magic: an alchemy of position and perspective, light and shadow, and of temporality, sequence, and technique. Just as Niceron held that optics are as much concerned with illusion as they are with the distinct properties of light, Nizam’s work occupies a complex physical and temporal space where perspective is both, a precise science and a natural magic. It is exactly here, in Nizam’s own view, that the unique position of the lens in time and space may capture our curiosity. “Curious”, then, does not regard the optical trick but, instead, evokes imaginary perspectives; immaterial and material coalesce in a series of photographic works – each carrying a quality of the impossible.

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Pyramid /// Process Video


Here’s a short process piece that details some behind the scenes during the making of my Pyramid Project. My good friend Devin Lund helped me put this together. Thanks again Dev!

Public Art Project Commissioned by CONTACT Photo


Pyramid, 2013
Brookfield Place, Toronto
Earlier this year I was commissioned by the ScotiaBank CONTACT Photography Festival to make a public art installation at Brookfield Place in Toronto. I used the vaulted architecture of the Allen Lambert Galleria as a framework to stage a light sculpture which I photographed. For more details follow the link below. Special thanks to Bonnie Rubenstein and Franca Bellisario for making this project possible as well as everyone else involved!


Fleeting, liminal, and ultimately existing only as a photographic document, James Nizam’s image of a luminescent pyramid activates the architecture of the galleria at Brookfield Place. Part photograph, part sculpture, this deceptively simple geometric form invites a deconstruction of how light and shape inform our perceptions of a space. The act of viewing is challenged as the eye moves between the image and the space in which the light sculpture once existed.

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Visible Light for Capture Photo


Visible Light, 2013
From October 1st to November 15th, 2013 in Vancouver, BC, CAPTURE will celebrate its first photography festival through a convergence of exhibits by public institutions and commercial galleries, innovative public installations, as well as an interesting variety of forums, community events and films. I was invited by founder Kim Spencer Nairn to exhibit a work at her recent fundraising event. Over the course of a week I worked on site at her residence in West Vancouver where I realized this study in visible light.


Geometry Makes Me Happy By INDEX Book


This is a great publication out of Spain featuring some images from my Thought Forms Series. You can purchase a copy or read more about Geometry Makes Me Happy here

Thank You Canada Council!!!



Paris Photo with Christophe Guye Galerie


This weekend I’ll be showing a few works at Paris Photo with Christophe Guye Galerie…. Stand B37

Toronto International Art Fair with Birch Libralato


This weekend Birch Libralato is featuring my work at the Toronto International Art Fair. I will be showing a selection of Trace Heavens works…. booth #812.

Trace Heavens Catalogue


I finally have Trace Heavens catalogues in hand. There are some great writing contributions from Trevor Mahovsky and Dion Kliner. Catalogues are available through Birch Libralato and Gallery Jones. Feel free to contact me if you would like a signed copy.

Trace Heavens Catalogue

28 X 20 cm // SoftCover in Hi-Tec Silver Gloss // 40 pages // Texts by Trevor Mahavosky & Dion Kliner // First Edition 2012 // 200 Copies // $25.00 CAD

New Works Commissioned by Louis Vuitton


Wild Flowers In Room (Anteroom Series), 2012
72 X 120 Inches

Tree In Room (Anteroom Series), 2012
72 X 120 Inches
This summer I was commissioned by Louis Vuitton to produce some new Anteroom works. Last week the works debuted at the opening launch of the new Louis Vuitton Maison in Toronto were they are featured as a permanent installation.

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Trace Heavens Reviewed in Canadian Art Magazine



Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam


I’ll be in Amsterdam this week for Unseen Photo where my work will be represented by Christophe Guye Galerie. This Friday during the fair, Roger Eberhard and I will also be presenting our Tumulus project with a book signing from 2-4pm.

Interview with Hunted Projects


Click here to read more.

Artist Feature in Kalimat Magazine

Special Thanks to Mariam Nader for this contribution to Kalimat Magazine. Click on the images below to read an enlarged version of the text.



Feature Exhibition at PhotoIreland 2012



Tumulus Book Launch and Exhibition (Vancouver)




Roger Eberhard & James Nizam

Book Launch & Exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6–9pm
Exhibition Dates: May 31–June 16, 2012
Gallery Hours: Thurs–Sat, 12pm–5pm

In 2008, James Nizam collaborated with Swiss artist, Rober Eberhard, in photographing the ruins of summer cabins destroyed by their owners in the wake of a land dispute on the Katzie reserve in Pitt Lake, British Columbia. The photographs from their Tumulus series catalogue the mound-like remains of these structures scattered throughout the forest landscape. In 2011, a limited edition book of the same title was published by Peperoni Books, Berlin. The hardcover book contains 19 color images as well as texts by Dion Kliner and Ludwig Seyfarth in both German and English translations and will be presented with an accompanying exhibition of selected large scale photographs from the Tumulus series.

Trace Heavens Exhibition Reviewed by Here & Elsewhere


Read full review here

Trace Heavens Exhibition



Illuminations, 2011
Hand Solarized Gelatin Silver Prints

Illuminations (Detail)


Interminable Structure, 2011
Rebar Salvage from Building Wreck in Black Nickel Chrome


Disc, 2012
Copper Etching Plate


Door Slab, 2012
Cinefoil Imprint

Drill Holes through Film Canister, 2011

Cover and Portfolio Feature in TCR Magazine


TCR’s 40th Anniversary Issue celebrates artist portfolios by Pierre Coupey, Christos Dikeakos, Jin-Me Yoon, Charlene Vickers, Alex Morrison, Jasmine Reimer and myself. Special thanks to TCR’s founding editor Pierre Coupey for all his generosity and support!

Artist Feature in the British Journal of Photography



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Trace Heavens | Selected Works


Shard of Light, 2011


Drill Holes Through Studio Wall, 2012


Thought Form (Tetrahedron), 2011


Thought Form (Dart), 2011


Thought Form (Cube), 2011


Thought Form (Fan), 2011


Thought Form (Fold), 2011


Trace Heavens Previewed by Canadian Art


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Trace Heavens | Opening May 4th


The works of Trace Heavens mark the results of James Nizam’s architectural interventions and studio-based explorations made to channel and record light. Where his earlier series Anteroom transformed abandoned rooms into straightforward pinhole camera obscuras, Nizam’s use of a perforated room is now less concerned with bringing the outside world in and recording it, than it is with using the light of that world to produce starkly beautiful visual effects that verge on the palpable. In Shard of Light, and the Thought Forms, Nizam harnesses the procession of the sun using jury-rigged setups that capture and manipulate sunlight into sculptural form. The resulting light sculptures establish a correspondence between room and camera as light capturing structures and extends it in time and space to the capture of solar phenomena within ancient astrological observatories such as those at Chaco Canyon or Xochicalco. The archaeological and pseudoscientific nature of Nizam’s solar recordings push the specific concerns of photography beyond the ordinary purview of the medium, working with light to establish poetic connections between the cosmos, photographic apparatuses, architecture, perception and the mind.

Tumulus Book Review by Die Zeit


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Participating in the Vancouver Art Gallery Auction


Download Catalogue

Tumulus Book Preview


240 x 300 mm /// Hardcover, clothbound, housed in an embossed slipcase/// 64 pages /// 19 color images /// English / German /// Text by Dion Kliner and Ludwig Seyfarth /// First Edition 2011/ 300 Copies + 20 Limited Edition Copies with Print

Tumulus Available @ 25Books, Berlin


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Tumulus Available @ Photo-Eye Bookstore, Santa Fe


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Tumulus Presented by Deichtorhallen @ OffPrint Paris



Tumulus Book Presentation at GFMF Salon, Berlin



Upcoming Book Project with Peperoni Books, Berlin


I’ve been working with my good friend Roger Eberhard on a collaborative book project entitled Tumulus. The book is being published and distributed by Peperoni Books, and today it hit the presses on schedule for a its premiere release in Berlin this upcoming November. More info to follow soon.

Solo Project at Birch Libralato Booth for TIAF


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Selection Panel Member for the Orchard Project

I recently sat as a selection panel member for a public artwork associated with the Orchard Project — a new Esperanza Homes development complex located in Richmond. The panel, consisting of Bob Rennie of Rennie Marketing Systems, Aydin Kilic of Esperanze Homes, Paul Goodwin of Global Architects, Ilona Beiks, and myself, reviewed submissions to an invitational call put out to BC artists competing for the $100,000 commission prize. The reviews took place at the offices of Rennie Marketing Systems over the last couple months where this past Monday the panel decided on a final winner. Congratulations to the artist team of Ruth Beer and Charlotte Wall who were awarded the commission.

New Project Thanks to City of Delta


After several months of deliberations the City of Delta finally gave me the go ahead to realize a new project in this house on River Road prior to its demolition in September. I’ve proposed using the space to create and to photograph a light sculpture via a structural incision and the procession of the sun. Extra special thanks to Samien Safaei and Gregory Vanstone for making this project possible!





New Works Back from Chernof Framing


Illuminations, 2011
Hand Solarized Geltain Silver Print

Ruminations | Detail

Artist Feature in the National Post


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Participating in Artist Residency at the University of Windsor



Memorandoms Exhibition Opens at Birch Libralato for Contact


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Long Listed for the Sobey Art Award


The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Sobey Art Foundation are pleased to announce the long list for the 2011 Sobey Art Award, Canada’s pre-eminent prize for contemporary Canadian art. Following a three-month nomination process, the Curatorial Panel has announced the 25 artists vying for this year’s Award.

Featured Exhibition for Contact Photo Festival


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Participating in the Vancouver Art Gallery Auction


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Published in ArtWorks by EMP



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Les Battements Group Exhibition opening at Espace F


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Anteroom Works in touring Group Show


Premiere Exhibition at Maison de la Culture Frontenac

Inaugural Exhibition at Christophe Guye Galerie


My work is now represented by Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich. I’m very excited to be showing some Dwellings works in the inaugural exhibition which runs through the next couple of months.

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Participating in the Canadian Art Foundation Auction



Artist Feature in MonteCristo Magazine




Featured on Wired



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Reviewed by Flash Art



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Featured on Booooooom


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Cover Art for BABERAINBOW EP out on Warp Records



Canadian Art Review



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Memorandoms Catalogue



Memorandoms Exhibition Premieres at Gallery Jones